Objectives of YBA
1. Providing projects take care of placement of necessity hierarchy and saving funds provided by EU.
2. Helping introduce and preparing all of projects which are beneficial for our country introduced by EU.
3. Helping development of EU projects and their activities.
4. Evaluating and choosing projects to be supported.
5. Helping and consulting all of units in university, institutions who wants to prepare projects.
6. For preparing successful projects, YBA follows EU and other institutions and forward information to relevant department.
7. Evaluating request which are coming from public institute for finding or being partner and help them to find proper partner for creating beneficial projects.

Fields of activity:
1. Increasing attention and requests on projects using fund of EU.
2. Providing enhancement of project about content and numerical.
3. Providing collaboration of member of EU about transferring technology.
4. Help departments, faculties, NPIstanbul Hospital, all of public institutions and civil society organizations to support them.
5. Provide and support our university faculties and institutions to create new projects.
6. Provide information for institutions to join projects which never used funds and out sources.
7. Work for being take the lead of Projects knowledge and numerical superiority in Istanbul.
8. Being a bridge to enhance cooperation and being partner between education institutions, civil society organizations and public institutions.
9. Present and introduce Turkey in international area and make new bonds with them.
10. Join educations for outsource projects, EU philosophy, relation between Turkey and EU and being informed for politics for young people.